# Hi! I'm Toon

### Here's a bit about myself.

In my free time I like to tinker with Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Some of the results of the tinkering end up on Gitlab in a repository.

I love to play (tabletop)games or listen to people playing tabletop games, like Critical Role and Androids&Aliens. PS. I also like MarkDown.

### I'm on the Internet you know!

You can send a e-mail to: [toon[at]toondierdorp[dot]nl](mailto:) or find me on the following platforms:

### I take pictures.

One of my other hobbies is photography, my best photographs are mostly nature and close up photographs. I edit most of my photographs in Adobe Lightroom classic.

A couple of photographs can be viewed in my [Showcase](/showcase)

This is my equipment: